10 Top Tips To Protect Your Business Over Christmas

In a week’s time, it’s Christmas Day, and as a busy professional or business owner you might be planning to have a well earned rest over the holiday period. If you are closing your business premises for longer than usual, it’s worth taking a few minutes to think about how to keep everything safe and secure. Here are ten top tips you can use to help protect your business while you are away.

1. Consider leaving the heating switched on 24 hours a day on a low setting or use a timer so that it comes on morning and evening.

2. Check that pipes and water tanks are well insulated so that they do not freeze if the weather should turn colder.

3. Know where the stopcock is so you can turn off the water if you should suffer a burst pipe.

4. Make sure all electrical appliances that can be switched off, are switched off.

5. Check that all doors and windows are locked and check that the locks meet the requirements of any minimum security condition on your business insurance policy.

6. If you have an alarm, check that it is set.

7. Make sure all valuables, such as laptops and portable hand tools are out of sight.

8. Call in and check premises if possible during the Christmas break and remove any post from the letterbox.

9. If you have a stillage warranty on your business insurance policy, make sure your stock is raised off the floor on pallets or racking as required.

10. Review the sums insured on your business insurance policy and check that they are up to date.

Have a great Christmas and if you need advice on any business insurance issue, we can help.

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