12 Tips To Help You Clear Up After A Flood

The recent extreme weather across the UK reminds us how important it is to have insurance for flood damage if you are a business owner.

There were reports of some flooding in Gillingham, Strood and Rochester last night but the Medway area seems to have got away fairly lightly compared to other areas of Kent.

If your company has been affected by a flood you will know how devastating it can be and the amount of disruption it can cause.

Here are 12 tips to help you recover from a flood:

  1. Arrange for emergency temporary repairs to be carried out to prevent further damage to your property.
  2. If possible, phone the 24-hour emergency helpline on your policy documents or speak to your insurance broker to arrange for emergency repairs to be carried out. You may wish to ask your insurance company about an interim payment to help with temporary repairs.
  3. Make a record of all losses and damage by taking photos and noting details of all related expenses. Remember to keep all receipts, as you will need these for your insurance claim.
  4. Make sure your property is physically secure to help prevent additional weather damage and possible looting. This might mean boarding up windows for example
  5. Make sure your insurance company knows how to contact you.
  6. Talk to your insurance company or broker about any major repair work needed. Your insurance company can recommend reputable contractors to carry out repairs.
  7. Comprehensive motor insurance will cover flood damage to vehicles.
  8. Check with your insurer before throwing away any damaged items.
  9. Don’t use water supplies or electricity until safe to do so.
  10. After a flood, disinfect floors and furniture. If possible, leave doors, windows and cupboards open & put the heating on to help dry things out.
  11. If you need to move out of your business premises while repairs are being carried out you should have cover for the cost of this under the business interruption section of your insurance.
  12. It may take weeks for buildings to fully dry out so don’t redecorate too quickly.

We can help you with insurance for your business

If you are a business owner and have any questions about insurance for your property and equipment or would like to receive an insurance quote from an independent insurance broker based in Kent, please call us on 01622 620531 or send us an email.

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