Breathe Insurance In The News

Breathe Insurance is featured in the Medway Times this week, in an article explaining the benefits, for busy professionals and business owners, of using a small, independent business insurance broker for your commercial insurance needs.

When it comes to sorting out your business insurance it’s important to speak to a professional who understands the complexities of policy wordings and can guide you through the insurance maze – that way you can be sure you have the right cover in place. It can also save you time, because an insurance broker will sort out your insurance for you, so you don’t have to spend hours on the Internet or the phone doing research or getting quotes.

An independent business insurance broker’s job is to choose which is the best insurer to go to, so that you get a good deal. Many will also give you free advice and many, like me, are business owners themselves, so they understand where you’re coming from and how important it is to have insurance in place that will pay out in the event of a loss.

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