Are You Insured For Damage To Buildings By Snow?

The answer is – it depends . . .

It depends whether the snow is heavy enough to constitute a ‘storm’ and whether your commercial insurance policy includes storm cover and/or accidental damage cover. It also depends on the condition of the property at the time the damage occurs.

When Is A Snowstorm a Storm?

  • In order for your business insurance policy to provide cover for property damage arising from a ‘storm’,  the damage has to be due to the snowstorm, rather than anything else, and so the weather, at the time, probably needs to have included violent winds as well as extreme snowfall.

Condition Of The Property

  • Insurance companies will also take into account the condition of the property at the time of the claim and consider whether the storm is the main cause of the damage, or whether the damage is more likely to be related to maintenance issues.
  • If the damage is caused by the weight of snow on the building, over several days, then this is not usually covered under the storm section of your buildings insurance policy.
  • In general, commercial and landlord insurance policies only cover damage that is sudden and accidental.

Accidental Damage

  • There may, however, be cover for damage to buildings by snow under the accidental damage section of the insurance policy – if there is one.
  • Many commercial and landlord insurance policies contain exclusions for damage caused by ‘wear and tear’ and ‘gradual deterioration’ under the accidental damage section, though, so it depends on the circumstances of the claim.

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