How To Prepare Your Home Or Let Property Before The Storm Hits

Most standard home and landlord insurance policies give your home or let property protection against storm damage.

With gusts of up to 80mph and heavy rain forecast to hit Kent, what can you do to help protect your home and other property?

Last minute preparations for your home & vehicle

  1. Close and lock all doors and windows, not forgetting the garage or any sheds and outbuildings
  2. Lock away or secure garden furniture, children’s play equipment, bird tables and any building materials or similar
  3. Park the car in the garage or away from large trees or drains that may flood during heavy rain
  4. Have a torch with new batteries handy

Advance preparations for home owners and landlords

  1. Check for loose tiles on the roof & check for wear and tear of a felt roof
  2. Clear out guttering
  3. Trim any tree branches clear of buildings
  4. Secure any weak fences and posts to reduce the risk of them being blown over and causing damage elsewhere. (Storm damage to gates and fences themselves is not usually covered by your insurance)
  5. Check aerials and satellite dishes are securely fixed

The most common type of storm insurance claims 

  • damage to chimneys
  • roof tiles blown off and damage to gutters and fascias
  • trees falling down and damaging property
  • boundary walls blown over

We can help you with home and landlords insurance

If you are a landlord or home owner and have any questions about property insurance or would like to receive an insurance quote from an independent insurance broker based in Kent, please call us on 01622 620531 or send us an email.

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photo credit: garryknight via photopin cc

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